At Casa Ercole, our goal is to provide a serene sojourn in simple but highly curated surroundings. Our apartments are filled with our family furniture dating from the early 1900s and accented with hand-crafted artwork. We live on the premises and are available anytime if you need us. At the same time, we want to assure you that we also respect your need for privacy.



Comfortable for 4 people, well-appointed with everything that might be needed for longer stays. It works well for families with children, for a couple that needs more space, and for friends who want to share a home without being too close together. A third bedroom, connecting to the Tower apartment but also independent, can be annexed so that 6 people may be accommodated.

This delightful double room is just a few steps away from the main house in a recently restored annex. Furnished with a refrigerator, small table and chairs, it has a breathtaking view from the terrace. Bathroom with shower. Wheelch.